About SIH-Adagio Core for Allegro

SIH-Adagio Core for Allegro use a UML modelisation, to maintain a unique conceptual data model on all halieutic raw data (including referentials and spatial data).

This model allow to maintain the following parts, used by main developpers and compagnies working on the SIH :

  • A comprehensive conceptual model on halieutic raw data,
  • A database DDL (Data Definition Language for relational database) to manage Allegro database (HSQLDB),
  • A Java/JEE API, given an easy access to this databases.

Downloads :

Conceptual model

Documentation :


Documentation :


This Core API could be use as service layer access, to a SIH-Allegro database.

Documentation :

  • API JavaDocs (Simple HTML) of the full application API,

    Allegro Core API is built on top of most standard JEE patterns and frameworks :

  • Business layer : IoC, transaction managment (Spring),
  • Data Access Object : Object mapping (Hibernate),
  • Maven 3 deployment.

Model Driven Architecture (MDA) is used to manage code (and generate database schema) from the conceptual model :

  • Manage a unique Platform Independent Model (PIM), with all business concepts (with MagicDraw UML designer)
  • Use Model-to-Model transformation, to create Platform Specific Model (PSM), depending on the targeted architecture
  • Generate specific code for the targeted platform (with AndroMDA) :
    • Business Layer : generate Spring configuration, Java Interface and a default implementation,
    • Data Access Object (DAO) layer : generate Spring configuration, Hibernate mapping files, Java Beans (Entities), DAO interfaces, DAO default CRUD implementations